10 commandments.

Can we do something indeed?
Can we postpone the aging?
Can we reverse the age?
Can we, at least, delay it?

Or, should we train for the coming old age?

The great question of the science is ‘Why the human body age?’
We all know the fact that the cells totally renew every 7 years.
So, why the scares remain on the skin, why the wrinkles appear and, in the end, why do we age?

Many physicians asked that question, but the answer is still to come.
The same question changed completely the life and career of one of them, the Romanian Dr. Ana Aslan, a brilliant woman and a complex personality.
At the age of 50, from an Internist and Cardiologist Physician, Dr. Aslan started a new and exciting life in Geriatrics and Gerontology.

She tried her best to make human’s life easier, to improve the condition of the elderly and to consider them more that ‘the life’s broken toys’; in a few words, we can say Dr. Aslan tried to make real what we can only dare to dream: to live with dignity and pride, as long as we possibly can.

And she succeeded.
She was the first physician and scientist that raised the aging subject above the ordinary. She unlocked the door to another path: prevention and treatment of the old age.
She invented and patterned the best geriatric treatment, the world famous formula Gerovital H3.

For the first time, in 1956, Dr. Ana Aslan introduced the concept of GerontoProphylaxis. For us, this is a synthesis of recommendations for delaying the aging process and remaining healthy and active.

There can be found a lot of goals in our life to achieve them.
But, few of them, must be the most significant. We have to think and talk about them, we have to apply them, we have to obligatory achieve them.

1. Pay attention to what we are eating and how much water we drink, because the food is the secret to an extended healthy life.

2. Start to move, because our body needs to be active.

3. Sex is recommended at any age.

4. In our minds and souls, we know the old age is coming. Sooner or later, better never. So, train for aging.

5. Think about a better way to live the days of aging. Act for that purpose.

6. Avoid the stress of any kind. It can never bring something good.

7. Loneliness causes depression. Depression causes loneliness. Resist and fight against them. Do something pleasant! Listen some music… that’s an idea!

8. Both internal and external health is important. For some internal conditions, they are still looking for solutions. For our look the solution is found: cosmetics.

9. Prophylaxis is ‘art and science’. Use it to prevent chronic diseases.

10. The drug of intelligence – Gerovital H3.

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