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Gerovital H3 is part of the class of drugs that act upon the body, especially in depression, stress and overworking circumstances.
Also, its properties recommend the drug for treating the degenerative diseases (Rheumatism, Arthritis, Parkinson, Arteriosclerosis).

Gerovital H3 is suitable beginning at 40, for holding back and for reversing the aging processes in the human body.

The therapy has both prophylactic and curative directions.
It can be used as a single drug therapy or it can be associated with other medicines.

Gerovital H3 Administration:

The drug must be administrated 2 hours after the meals (either oral or IM-intramuscular injection). After injection, a 10-15 minutes rest is required.

Gerovital H3 Restrictions:

Not recommended in the following cases: severe hepatic conditions; renal failure; severe arterial high blood pressure; febrile states.
It should not be combined with Physostigmine (Eserine), Prostigmin and Sulphamides.

*Physostigmine (Eserine) is a crystalline alkaloid used in medicine as a miotic and cholinergic agent and to enhance memory in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

*Prostigmin is a parasympathetic drug that acts as a reversible inhibitor to acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme which breaks down acetylcholine (ACh) in cholinergic nerve endings. It is used clinically to treat Myasthenia Gravis, Paralytic Ileus and Urine Retention.

*It is advisable not to apply Gerovital H3 in the same time with Sulphamides, because the interaction in the bacterial metabolism.

Consult your physician, especially:
- if you suffer from any disease;
- if you have any form of allergy;
- if you are self-medicating;

Take an allergy test before you start an injection cure.

First, take an ID intradermal injection (1 ml). Also, an IM intramuscular test (2ml).
These tests should reveal any possible allergy to Procaine.

The therapy with Gerovital H3 should be conducted under medical examination, especially at the beginning, in the first sequences of injections. The physician is able to determine an appropriate dose and eventually change, reduce or cancel other medication previously taken.

Gerovital H3 Therapy Management:

Gerovital H3 pills therapy involves 2 tablets per day.

Beginning at 40, for fighting against aging and for preventing chronic illnesses, it may be started a protective therapy,

SCHEDULE for PREVENTION (Pills Management).
2 tablets/day for 12 days; then, a break for 2 weeks.

- 1 Gerovital H3 pill in 2 hours after breakfast (ex: breakfast at 08.00am, pill at 10.00 am);
- 1 Gerovital H3 pill in 2 hours after lunch (ex: lunch at 12.00, pill at 04.00 pm);

In one year, the schedule consists in 5 series of 25 pills with appropriate breaks.

Gerovital H3 injectable therapy consists in 1.5-2.0mg/kg of body weight. This dose is one per day. This signifies 1 vial (ampoule) of Gerovital H3 per day.

SCHEDULE for REGENERATION and CURE (Pills & Injection Management).
- 3 Gerovital H3 injection/ week for 4 weeks;
- 2 weeks break;
- 2 Gerovital H3 pills/ day for 12 days;
- 2 weeks break;
Then resume the plan.

Any other procedure or dose must be decided by the physician. The schedule must be adapted by taking under advisement the patient’s particularities: age and associated diseases.
If the patient forgets to one dose or more, the therapy should be lengthened.
Do not change the dose or schedule by your own decision.
Consult your doctor whenever considered necessary.
Consult your doctor if you think the drug effects are too high or to low.

Gerovital H3 Side Effects:

In rare situations, at the beginning of the therapy, the patient may notice slight vertigo, cephalic heat perception or metallic taste. These disappear during the treatment.
Even after the allergy tests you observed none but later, during the injection therapy, it shows a cutaneous (dermal) reaction, immediately see your doctor.

Important to keep in mind:

- the drug must be administrated after meals;
- after taking an injection, a 10-15 minutes rest is mandatory;
- the product should be stores in a dry place, at room temperature;
- respect the validity date mentioned on the product;
- keep out of children’s reach;

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