Cutaneous ageing it`s a slowly process , that
starts it` s clinical change perfidious after the
age of 35.

The mainly cause of cutaneous ageing process
is the accumulation of superoxyds (free acids) :
superoyds ions, the hydroxide anion, peroxide of hy-
drogen and the singhalet oxygen.

The free radicals can appear after the cells oxidoreduc-
tion process during the human body normal methabo-
lism, but also they can appear after exhibiting to envi-
ronment pollution, noxas, smoking,
uV radiations, alchool and drugs consmption, after

The cutaneous ageing is the consequence of two pro-
cesses : the extrinsic ageing ( photo ageing) and the
intrinsic ageing ( the chronological one).
the chronological one has a genetic propensity .
the ageing skin is clinical characterised by losingit`s
normal texture, tonus, resilence and firmness.
the skin becomes thin, translucid and that makes possi-
ble seeing the undernith dilated vessels, that lost their
resilience: teleangiectasia.

It becomes dryed, serous because of the substraction
of sebaceous and sudoriparous secretion with an im-
portant role for maintaining the protective, hidrolipidic
lubricant cutaneous film that ensures skin`s flexibility
and a ph of 4, - , .

It has a pigmentation which is not homogenous -
through the appearance of the lentigo, actinic Kera-
tosis and seborrhoeic Kerastosis especially when one
expose to the sun radiations.

After that we can see the wrinkles: expression wrinkles
and then the deep ones. after losing the hypodermic
grease the cheeks and the eyes widen, the eyelids fall,
it appears the goitre, the superiour lip becomes thin,
the skin looks flabby, depened, and we can see grossly
and vertical wrinkles arond the lips .
the clinical manifestations are the consequence of the
next pathological changes:
● at the epidermic level the capacity of cells renovation
goes down, the epiderm is thin.
● the dermic level is characterised by the decrease of
the collagen and elastic fibras which is caused by fibro-
blasts and growth of colagenosis and methaloprotei-
nasis activity, and also growth of glycosided collagen
the cause for cells death, the derm is atrophied.
● the pigmentattion changes are the consequence of
the lipofuscines accumulation in fibroblasts and the
oresence of melanic cells at the demo-epidermial junc-

The causative for the superficial wrinkles is the elastic
fibras deterioration.
the expression wrinkles are the consequence of facial
repeated movement with the secondary and frequency
contractions of facial muscles, and from the morfo-
pathological point of view it`s the densification ofder-
moepidermical junction.

The deep wrinkles are caused by the deterioration of
the elastic fibras.
The gravitational wrinkles appear after losing the resi-
lence of the skin and of the cellular hypodermic tissue
the adipose tissue is slided, and the derm is relaxed.

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