GEROVITAL H3 and ASLAVITAL – The first “ANTI-AGING” treatment in the world

Romanian Anti Aging Magazine
Cornelia Rusu, Daniela Gradinaru, Claudia Borsa, Cristina Ionescu
“Ana Aslan” National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Bucharest, Romania

Ever since 1952, multidisciplinary research on
aging in romania has been initiated as a priority
by professor dr. ana aslan. the priority lies in
three directions established for gerontological research
and acknowledged worldwide since then: clinical in-
vestigations, experimental research and social sciences

At the same time, a large prophylaxis campaign with
Gerovital H3 (GH3) (procaine hydrochloride-2%, ben-
zoic acid-0.12%, disodium phosphate-0.01% and potas-
sium metabisulphite-0.10%, pH 3.3) and Aslavital (pro-
caine hydrochloride-2%, benzoic acid-0.12%, disodium
phosphate and L-glutamic acid potassium salt-1.2% and
potassium metabisulphite-0.10%, pH 3.3) - as procaine
based medication - was launched in the sixties and sev-
Ana Aslan envisaged and discovered procaine therapeu-
tic actions subsequent to long term treatment in low
doses with curative and preventive roles. as certified
by physicians and researchers, gh and aslavital had
been more effective than procaine from the point of
view of tolerance and efficacy. at cellular and molecu-
lar levels, procaine and its metabolites action sites are
multiple. procaine binds to membrane constituents and
interacts in a series of ion channels.

The compound has influence on metabolic pathways
involving intracellular signal molecules. primary and
secondary metabolites of procaine participate as pre-
cursors in synthesis of essential molecules for cellular
metabolism. procaine, gh and aslavital have antioxidant action:
inhibit reactive oxygen species generation
and lipid peroxidation in enzymatic and nonenzymatic
systems associated with a modulating effect on anti-
oxidant enzymes. gh and aslavital exert their action
on the atherogenesis process by lipid and lipoproteins-
lowering effects, procaine action on the erythrocyte
membrane and by antioxidant mechanisms. gh and
aslavital could be included in the category of revers-
ible and competitive mao inhibitors.

Their clinical use was warranted in studies of depres-
sion carried out in late eighties. gh and aslavital
modulate mechanisms of aging at cellular and molecu-
lar levels, as well as common mechanisms of chronic
degenerative age related diseases. these two romanian
drugs may be considered as marking the next great era
in gerontoprophylaxis.

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