We are starting this blog by teaching you how to make difference between a genuine Gerovital H3 and a fake one.
A lot of websites are offering fake products covered by cheap words like magic Gerovital tablets with guaranted results in two days or "Prof Ana Aslan new anti aging suplemet - works 300% faster".

The Golden Rule for discovering the original Gerovital Products is:

Only two companies (both from Romania) are allowed to produce Gerovital H3 products:
1. SC FARMEC SA (All Gerovital Cosmetics)

Gerovital H3 Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan Cosmetics Series:

1967 Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan Gerovital H3 line

1998 Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan Gerovital H3 line

2006 Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan Gerovital H3 line

2010 Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan GerovitalH3 Evolution line

2013 Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan GerovitalH3 Classic line

2013 Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan GerovitalH3 Classic Retinol line

2014 Prof. Dr. Ana AslanGerovital H3 Men line

2014 Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan GerovitalH3 Derma+ line

2015 Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan GerovitalH3 Derma+ Sun line

Gerovital Plant Cosmetics Series

1985 Gerovital Plant line

2004 Gerovital Plant line

2008 Gerovital Plant FORTE line

2010 Gerovital Plant Stop Acne line

2010 Gerovital Plant Treatment line

2011Gerovital Plant line

Alsalvital Series



2. ZENTIVA N.V. (Gerovital H3 Injectables and Gerovital H3 Tablets)
Gerovital H3 Sugar-Coated Tablets

Gerovital H3 Injectable Solution

Any other manufacturers are producing fake Gerovital H3 products.

Please be very careful when you are buying Gerovital and contact us if is a real or a fake.

We recomment for shopping and getting news about Gerovital the following websites:
1. - Official website of SC Farmec SA the Romainan Gerovital H3 cosmetics producer
2. - Official website of SC Zentiva SA from Bucharest the Gerovital H3 Injectables and Tablets producer
3. - the traditional store for Romanain Cosmetics


  1. I ordered the Gerovital H3 from Prime Health Direct and received a different bottle to the one on your webpage. I live in South Africa - where can I get the correct Gerovital H3 moisturizing creme from??

  2. We recommend our partner Romanian shop: which is providing us all products to test and review.

  3. is there any shop here in Dubai that I can buy gerovital tablets? I would like to know if this is ok also for men? I am 40 yrs old, tnx

  4. No, there is no shop (drug store) in Dubai (we have customers in UAE). Gerovital H3 injectables and tablets are ok for both men and women, but you need to consult your physician. Gerovital H3 can be a very effective medicine, but it should be administrate only under doctor prescription.
    Please read more details about Gerovital H3 benefits, composition, therapeutic indications and administration on our website:

    1. how can I purchase the products? pls. give an information, thnx

  5. hi I am male I have prothatitis so im taking gnc protate & virility multi vit.+gnc glutathione L500 +vit c+ triple cod liver oil,& I like to try gerovital tabs. do u think there will be no problem for me?coz I remember 1 of my female relatives using this products in the 80's,,, if ever, how can I purchase,, im in UAE, TNX

  6. You can purchase Gerovital H3 injections and tablets from
    But again, please talk to your physician to be sure you are a good candidate for procaine.

  7. hi! from the Philippines here. is the website also a legitimate website of Gerovital? Please recommend a legitimate website that ships in the Philippines. Anyway, please enlighten me who is a good candidate for procaine. And who is not a good candidate for procaine Thank you,

  8. Hi! It is really difficult for me make an appreciation about other websites. I can only give you a quote from their website: "Developed by research scientists in the USA, Gerovital GH3 Advance contains supercharged Procaine Hydrochloride molecules."
    I can say you that the original formula developed by Dr. Ana Aslan has never been sold. Injections and tablets are only made by Zentiva N.V. (former Sicomed) and beauty products are made by Farmec S.A.
    Who is a good candidate for procaine? Only your physician will tell you for sure. The manufacturer specifies some administration guidelines for some problems like: PROTECTION AGAINST AGING PHENOMENA, OSTEOARTHRITIS, SYSTEMIC ARTERIOSCLEROSIS, DEPRESSIVE SYNDROME, PARKINSONIAN SYNDROMES.
    We're in contact with doctors from the Ana Aslan Institute and, for example, Gerovital H3 is not recommended in any cases of tumors.
    We have clients and we are delivering all our products on Philippines
    Please see more details about Gerovital H3 Injections on our website: