As a former general manager to one of the two official Gerovital manufacturers, Romanian pharmacist Mioara Petrescu took full advantage and made full use of all the research made by Gerovital's creator Professor Ana Aslan and her team over the years.
But, when creating Ecovital, her focus has been to develop a professional line incorporating scientifically advanced cosmetic ingredients to address both, common skin issues, such dryness and aging, but also more problematic ones, such pigmentation or acne scars.

Pharmacist Petrescu focused her research into cellular regeneration and unlocking the secrets of cellular metabolism as the key factors for maintaining skin elasticity, youthfulness and brightness.
Pure molecules, in liposomal forms, standardized extracts compounds resulting from biotechnology are actively used in Ecovital products.

The EXCELLENCE D’ECOVITAL line has been designed as a professional range of products addressing woman over 30 years and is being used in the autologous stem cell treatments or other aesthetic and medical therapies with anti-aging effects.
EXCELLENCE D'EXCELLENCE line consists of 8 products organized in an efficient skincare program:
  • Purifying Cleanser (Phase 1)
  • Purifying Tonic Lotion (Phase 2)
The two cleansing products (the Purifying Cleanser and the Purifying Lotion) are essential in an effective skincare routine. They lower the skin’s PH from the initial 5.5 until level 3 - which is ideal for active ingredients absorption deep in the cellular level.
  • Superactive C Serum (Phase 3)
  • Arbutin Dermo Active Cream (Phase 4)
  • Cell Stem Restructuring Cream (Phase 7)
  • Cell Stem, Hydrating, Restructuring, PH Restoring Cream (Phase 8)
  • Dermo Active Cream (Phase 9)
  • Arbutin Whitening Eye Serum (Phase 10)
Purifying Cleanser
Phase 1
  • Lowers PH
  • Cleanses
  • Removes make-up and impurities.

Purifying Tonic Lotion
Phase 2
  • Lowers PH
  • Enhances the Vitamin C absorption
  • Prepares the skin for the next treatments.

Superactive C Serum
Phase 3
  • Increases collagen production
  • Reduces age spots and pigmentation
  • Protects against the free radical damage.

Arbutin Dermo Active Cream
Phase 4
  • Inhibits the melanin production
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Helps lighten and brighten the skin.

Cell Stem Restructuring Cream
Phase 7
  • Rebuilds skin’s texture
  • Fights dullness
  • Nourishes.

Cell Stem, Hydrating, Restructuring, PH Restoring Cream
Phase 8
  • Hydrates and firms
  • Calms and revitalizes the skin.
  • Regulates skin PH.

Dermo Active Cream
Phase 9
  • Reduces expression lines and wrinkles
  • Firms and lifts the eye area
  • Reduces puffiness and dark circles.

Arbutin Whitening Eye Serum
Phase 10
  • Fades dark circles
  • Inhibits the melanin production
  • Restores and renews the eye area.

Examples of treatment schemes for different skin problems:
Morning: 1, 2, 3, 7 (normal to oily skin) / 8 (dry skin)
Evening: 1, 7 (normal to oily skin) / 8 (dry skin)

Morning: 1, 8, 9
Evening: 1, 8, 9

Morning: 1, 2 (3 times/week), 3, 4, 7 (normal to oily skin) / 8 (dry skin)
Evening: 1, 4, 7 (normal to oily skin) / 8 (dry skin).

20 days before the laser treatment:
Morning: 1, 2, 3, 7
Evening: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7
Immediately after the laser treatment (for 5 days):
Morning: 1, 3, 8
Evening: 1, 3, 7
For the next 6 weeks:
Morning: 1, 2, 3, 7
Evening: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7

The products DO NOT contain:
  • Parabens
  • Sulphates
  • Phalates
  • GMO’s
  • Perfumes.


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