Gerovital H3 Evolution has been launched on the market in 2010 as a new cosmetic line with a triad of innovative principles.

Research in the field of molecular biology has clearly shown that there are three key processes that lead to skin aging:
  • Photo – Aging (the oxidative stress on the skin of the UV rays)
  • Free radicals which cause structural and functional mutations of the cellular membranes, the alteration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, of proteins and cellular DNA
  • The mitochondrial diminished capacity of generating and stocking energy in the ATP molecule

Mechanism of action

Gerovital H3 Evolution range is especially designed to tackle all three biological mechanisms that lead to the aging of the skin and to stop their long-term effect. Gerovital H3 Evolution uses three active principles:
  • SOD, also called “The Anti-Aging Super-Enzyme”, ensures the skin’s firmness on a long term, acting against the oxidative degradation and protecting the fibroblasts, the collagen and elastin protein chain responsible for the skin’s elasticity. SOD is the most active antioxidant enzyme, of natural origin.
  • The TRYLAGEN acts against the wrinkles and ensures a softer, more elastic skin, stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin fibers, offering support for synthesis.
  • GP4G regenerates the skin from within, as a source of pure energy which supplements the diminished capacity of the cells to regenerate and stock energy

The products of the Gerovital H3 Evolution range are structured on two age groups, to better respond to the specific requests.
The products meant for women aged 30+ fight against the first aging signs: the fine lines around the eyes and mouth, eye pouches and dark circles, the loss of skin’s brightness. The composition of these products is light and offers immediate comfort and a lasting hydration.

The products meant for women aged 45+ are especially created to solve more complex skin problems caused by photo-aging and the diminishing estrogen production around menopause: accelerated loss of skin elasticity, deep wrinkles’ formation, dark spots occurrence. The products from this range are rich in nutrients and offer an emolliating feeling, a long lasting hydration and a visible increase in the skin tonus

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